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Upcoming Events

Vegan Dinner, Musical Meditation & Yoga Philosophy - treat for the soul

Self Worth - Living My Truth

J´╗┐oin us every Friday for an evening of Musical Meditation and Yoga Philosophy as we explore time tested solutions to contemporary problems. Perfect way to wrap up your week.

Soul Wisdom Circle - Bhagavad Gita Unboxed

Online book club every Tuesday evening at 7 pm on Zoom, as we explore ancient yoga texts like Bhagavad Gita. Helps to read with friends in a facilitated group that encourages us to go deeper into self-discovery.

The Art of Successful Relationships - Love, Lust & Meaningful Connections

Join us as we delve into the depths of love, navigate the realms of desire, and uncover the keys to creating meaningful connections. Don't miss this transformative journey to enhance your relationships and enrich your life."

Yoga for everyone

We are a small non-profit with a big ambition - We make it easy for everyone to learn, practice, integrate and teach the yoga lifestyle as described in ancient yoga texts. Solve contemporary challenges with ancient, time tested wisdom.

We provide group workshops and also support individual through mentorship programs. For corporations and students, we are open to working customize workshops just for your unique needs.

Contact us to design workshops to meet your specific needs!


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Volunteer With Us

If you are interested in giving back to your community and want to be one-team with us, please check out these opportunities and let us know if you can HELP US - HELP YOU? Text 877 892 9154 if you like to volunteer.

Marketing Volunteer: If you have a creative mind, some graphic design skills, good creative writing and social media marketing, please reach out to us.
Music Meditation Volunteering
: If you can play the guitar, piano, djembe, tabla or any such instruments, please shout out to us.

Kirtan - Mantra Meditation

Ancient sonic technology made easy for you. Mindfulness at its best! Soothing music, uplifting mantras and enlivening association. As everyone searches for the perfect mantra for success, we invite you to learn, explore and grow with these time tested mantras.

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